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Vultr VPS built-in Windows 2012/2016 system installation process and experience

May 29, 2018 Vultr, VPS, Windows VPS Views: 258
Before writing this article, we need to first state that the system used in this article is not a custom installation of the Windows system through Vultr VPS. Instead, it uses the built-in WIN system in the Vultr panel. We may be more accustomed to custom installation, because the cost is relatively cheap, and as it was just shown the minimum requires 16 + 10 US dollars a month. It should still have users, while it is not very clear what it is specifically used for.

Some users mentioned to me that the built-in WIN system has failed after installation.

So, here we are trying to open Vultr's built-in Windows system to see if this problem exists.

First, preparations

Here we need to have an account. At the moment, the newly registered VULTR account ( is not credited with gift amount, while the previous credit seemed to be on the black Friday at the end of last year. From a cost perspective and a marketing perspective, this merchant currently does not need to attract users through low-priced and money-giving activities, so in case that someone read the article here talking about that the merchant provides gift amount, it should have been out of date. Currently registered accounts do not provide gift amount.

Vultr has a lot hosts which can be deleted and opened at any time, suitable for multi-IP and computer room projects.

Second, step into the topic

As far as we have an account, we may start the machine. This time there is no need for custom installation, and it is available on the direct system internal panel, but the cost is high.

Choose a host normally. Here you need to pay special attention to find the WIN system location as shown below while choosing a system.

At present, there are windows server 2012/2016 systems for choices, and a payment is required due to the copyright issue. The WIN system needs US $16 a month, and the Linux system is free of charge.

Then select the configuration. Select the minimum 2GB of memory here. The minimum for Linux system is currently 1GB, while 512MB seems to be available in other two machine rooms. Then click on the Deploy Now button and wait 15 minutes (as required by the official but it should not be that long).

Third, after installation, login system settings

1. Check the system password

After the installation is complete, we can see the remote login user and account password.

2. Login system

There is no problem in testing the installed 2016 system here.

Fourth, summary

1. We see that there are not many WINS systems owned by VPS hosting companies, and the cost is relatively high due to system copyright issues. We can choose the host computer with built-in WIN system according to the actual project needs.

2. Considering stability, there is a little bit difference in system version of Vultr between custom installation of WINDOWS ISO system and built-in direct installation. If it is used for a website in an official project, it is recommended to use a built-in genuine system because some users mentioned that the custom system may have some problems.

3. Vultr's built-in WIN system installation has 2012, 2016 version as options, and both version may take a little longer time during the installation process. The installation has no problem. If we need additional configuration, we may just configure on our own.
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