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Dental Care Family Doctor
Price: Free !!!
Suitable for medical use
The overall site uses light blue
Website layout can adapt to size, and support desktop and mobile devices
Tags: Teeth,Dental Care,Doctor,Family Doctor,Dentist,Hospital,Beauty,Health Care
Imitated Windows 10 background administrator system template
Price: Free !!!
System Management Panel
Windows operating habits
Computer system
Percentage graph
Tags: Background,Blue,Windows 10,System management,Administrator template,UI system,Left column,Chart,Background UI,OA system
Happy wedding arrangements live show
Price: Free !!!
Wedding event layout
Pink style
Website layout can adapt to size, and support desktop and mobile devices
Tags: Happiness,Wedding arrangement,Wedding scene,Marriage,Emcee,Love Romance,Corporate,Cocktail party,Pink
Outdoor line DIY tour and travel agency business template
Price: Free !!!
Pictures can scroll horizontally
Support Google Maps
Mainly based on pictures
Tags: Outdoor Activities,Tours,DIY tour,Walking Tours,Scenic Spots
Fitness website template
Price: Free !!!
Support social sharing
Blogging and website integration
Simple interface and easy operation
Tags: Personality,Lose weight,Running,Fitness Studio
Internet, Technology, Video, News, Responsive Website Template
Price: Free !!!
Support social sharing
Quick news release
Use HTML5 and CSS3
Tags: Internet,Technology,news,video,Blog,css3,html5,magazine
Industry news template
Price: Free !!!
Serious style
Dominated by blue and black
Can be used for industry news
Tags: Blue,Green,Fillet,Software,Ui interface,Gradient,black
A template for online display or sale of fresh fruit
Price: Free !!!
Online sale
Fruit industry
Agricultural planting products
Tags: Fruit,Agriculture,Mall
A templates for pet grooming shop
Price: Free !!!
Pet template
Website layout can adapt to size, support desktop and mobile devices
Tags: Pet,Cat,Dog,Beauty,Slide,Pet grooming
A concise personal blog template with gray gradient background
Price: Free !!!
This is a blog template. It has very concise interface, to mainly display text. It is suitable for blogs of the type of information records.
Tags: Gray,gradient,personal,blog,concise
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  • Pet
  • Outdoor sports
  • Fitness
  • Enterprise
  • Agricultural
  • Online sale
  • Tours

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