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The process of quickly transferring Dynadot domains to Namecheap domain registrar

June 05, 2018 NameCheap Views: 1106
Namecheap registrar is holding the "Move Your Domain Day" activity. If you have domain names to be renewed by other domain name registrars, you can save money by transferring to Namecheap with one year's renewal. The regular domain name suffix costs only US$3.98. In this article, the process of transferring a domain from dynadot registrar to Namecheap is different from that of some other registrars. Dynadot registrar allows quick transfer, while general registrars requires five business days.

First, preparation for transferring

1. The domain name needs to be registered for more than 60 days. Generally, it must comply with this policy to support the transfer from the registrar.

2. Unlock the domain name and get the transfer code.

We need to unlock the domain name first. Here you need to enter the birthday information for our registered dynadot account settings. Then click the unlock button behind Transfer Lock.

Copy the digital transfer code behind the Authorization Code. Of course, we also need to check the WHOIS information of this domain name to see if the email address is the one being able to receive the email and remove the privacy protection if it was opened. This is because it needs to be used later to receive a confirmation email.

Second, transfer domain name to Namecheap registrar

As soon as you complete the first step, log in directly to the NC account, and transfer the domain. Enter the discount code for the domain transfer, and add to the shopping cart to check the price. After the payment is completed, just wait.

Third, confirm the immediate transfer by mail

If it is a general domain transferring, the receipt of a confirm email should be very fast. (It is sent to the original email recorded in WHOIS for the domain.)

1. Confirm the transfer

Confirm the agreement after opening the URL address provided in the mail received.

2. Agree to the quick transfer

Waiting for a while you will receive an email, asking whether you need to quickly transfer out the domain. If you click on the link and agree to it, the domain will be quickly transferred out. If you do not click, it will naturally and automatically transfer in 5 days. Here I definitely need to transfer out the domain quickly.

Finally, after confirming the quick transfer by clicking above, we received an email from NC in a few minutes, indicating that the domain has been transferred in. We can check out if there is any domain transferred to our Namecheap account.
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