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  • Inclusion time: February 02, 2018
  • Title:
    Medieval Clothing- Revival Clothing
  • Website Theme:
    Medieval Clothing,11th century clothing,12th century clothing,13th century clothing,14th century clothing,14th century arming clothes,15th century clothing,15th century arming clothes,aketon,arming cap,arming clothes,arming clothing,arming coat,arming cotte,arming doublet,cloth armor,cloth armour,gambeson,garb,helmet,sword,gauntlet,rapier,sca,wma,pennsic,padded arming cap,historical fencing,historical swordfighting,historical swordsmanship,medieval belt,medieval accessories,medieval boots,medieval clothes,medieval clothing,medieval coif,medieval costume,medieval dresses,medieval gambeson,medieval garb,medieval gloves,medieval gown,medieval hat,medieval headwear,medieval hood,medieval knights,medieval linen clothing,medieval reenactment,medieval shoes,medieval silk clothing,medieval surcoat,medieval tunic,medieval weddings,medieval wool clothing,padded armor,padded armour,pourpoint,renaissance clothing,renaissance costume,renaissance garb,western martial arts,viking clothing,viking tunic,viking dress
  • Description:
    We carry a complete line of in stock, authentic medieval clothing, arming clothes, gowns, tunics, headwear, accessories and medieval Shoes and Boots based on historical patterns and research. Clothing for re-enactors, living historians, and medieval themed weddings. Our line includes early medieval/viking clothing to 14th c. clothing in addition to early renaissance/ 15thc. clothing. Most styles in stock ready for immediate shipping. We also do a limited mount of custom medieval clothing.
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