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  • Inclusion time: February 20, 2018
  • Title:
    Educational Computer Software for SA kids in Afrikaans and English
  • Description:
    Quality educational software for kids in a game-like format. We have developed the Big Boet series, the A+ series, Time for Tables, Mr Maths and many more titles. Our range of titles covers Mathematics, Reading and Spelling skills, Memory skills, Thinking skills, improves Concentration and develops general computer skills. We can cater for pre-schoolers, primary school learners as well as high school pupils. Our software is the best selling educational software brands in South Africa. Kwaliteit opvoedkundige rekenaarprogramme vir kinders wat geskoei is op bewese tegnieke in 'n rekenaarspeletjie-formaat. Edupro het die volgende opvoedkundige sagteware ontwikkel: Die Big Boet reeks, die A+ reeks, Time for Tables, Mr Maths en vele meer titles. Ons sagteware ontwikkel basiese leervaardigheid soos Wiskunde, Spelling en Lees, Denke, Geheue en Konsentrasie. Die programme is geskik vir kleuters, laerskool leerlinge sowel as Hoërskool leerders.
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