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Passive Income (5): Make a Website with Lifelong Income - Complete the Basic Optimization of WordPress in 6 Steps

August 06, 2018 Earning Online Views: 5913

If you have built your own website by following my article "Passive Income: Make a Website with Lifelong Income (4) - Build a Great High-end Website in 3 Minutes", you are expected to manage your website carefully, because it will be your cash cow.

Today, I want to share with you a little bit about the optimization of WordPress. This time, we only talk about the most basic optimization to solve the problem of security and access speed. The total article is divided into 6 steps.

First step, security

I won't say much about the importance of security. The plug-in I use is Wordfence.

It can be found directly in the online plug-in library, and it is professional and very powerful. The free version has limitations in some functions, but they are not commonly used. I don't elaborate on it, because you will see how good it is after installation.

The second step, security + acceleration

The service used is Cloudflare

I will roughly talk about the function. The first is the reverse proxy that can hide your own server real IP, which is very useful for people who make websites group. Next is CDN service, also with webpage compression included, which can accelerate a lot. Finally, there is a free SSL certificate, which is a higher level in terms of security.

After registration, you need to add the domain name. Fill in the domain name and then Begin Scan. Domain names can be separated by comma, and then you can continue to set up by click on Continue Setup.

Next, we need to confirm the scanned DNS information. If we do not want it, we need to manually add one. In the next step we choose the plan Free Website, and finally update the domain name NS Server. The overall operation is similar to the domain name management background, so there will be no more screenshots here.

Wait for the update to take effect, and then in the speed page, you can set the page compression. Do not click all the three ones at the same time, in case that CSS and JS file compression may result in the website abnormal function. You need to test it.

Other settings can also be reset, such as blocking countries you don't want in firewall, and tuning the browser's cache time in caching, and so on.

Finally, the most critical point is to edit the wp-config.php in the WordPress root directory, plus the following in front:

Define ('FORCE_SSL_LOGIN', true);
Define ('FORCE_SSL_ADMIN', true);

The first line of code means that the login page forcibly opens the HTTPS protocol, and the second line is the background forcibly applies HTTPS. This encryption transmission protocol can effectively prevent hackers from eavesdropping and improve security.

That's it for the security. The following are about plug-ins optimization, which is not necessarily installed, so you can choose according to your needs.

The third step, the outer layer

The plug-in used is Cloudinary.

It has fast speed, powerful function, picture online editor, as well as CDN. Like the Wordfence I mentioned before, you know it’s good as far as you take a look at it. The free version has 2GB storage space and 5GB traffic.

The fourth step, cache acceleration

I have ever used all kinds of cache plug-ins, while the most powerful one should be WP-Rocket.

The fifth step, SEO

The plug-in used is Yoast SEO.

It is also a very powerful SEO plug-in. While installing, you can set the whole website SEO according to the wizard. At the end of every article or page, there are SEO optimization options to remind you of what else has not been done.

The sixth step, the pop-up window

The previous plug-ins help websites become safer, faster, and easier to rank, but when there's traffic, you can't let it go, and try to turn traffic into users as much as possible. The plug-in used is convert plug.

Various triggering conditions can be set, such as triggering when ready to close, timing triggering, roller triggering, etc. Content lock can also be done to help improve the transformation.

This is the basic optimization of Wordpress.
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