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Passive Income (4): Make a Website with Lifelong Income - Build a Great High-end Website in 3 Minutes

August 06, 2018 Earning Online Views: 2561

I think quite a lot these days, and I even thought of opening a media buy live recording post, to let everyone see how I run the offer. However, thinking about that it will take a very long time, and the content is also similar every day; there are also more known resources that cannot be public. Hence, I would like to go further with the website building first. There's a chance to write about the recording someday. After all, traffic is the most difficult part of making money, so as long as the most difficult part is solved, everything else will be easy.

In the previous passive income series, I've already shared something needed to be done before building the website. Today I'd like to share a quick way to build the website. If you are already a technical bull, this article may not have much significance to you.

Some friends who are just in touch with affiliate marketing have not technical backgrounds. They are not familiar with the process of building websites, and hardly make the best choice in many spaces and programs. For example, I remember there was a WebhostingPad space dealer in CJ in the year before, with $100 Commission for each registered. Their home unlimited host charges $1.99 a month, with a very low discount code. I do not know why I made an irrational consumption and bought it. When I used it, I eventually found that it took more than 2 minutes to open a page even I visited the website on the server.

What I'm going to share today is a quick way to make the website, mainly for affiliates without technology to learn a bit of basic knowledge, as well as those who want to do websites group.

There are two main categories in the general website, one is similar to my blog or a news website, a content type website; the other is a tool type functional website like Google. Functional websites do not have a widely applicable source code, so I will not talk about it in the article.

Content oriented websites generally use various types of CMS programs. Blog WordPress program, because of its open source, compatibility, various plug-in, wide applications, has become the first choice for CMS. Maybe you often see WordPress's blog or news website. It's not too common to make something else. For example, a lot of people use a cloud tracking program Voluum, and if checking its home page source code, you will find that it is using WordPress.

There are also two kinds of content websites: the original website and the website group.

In my opinion, making money is a positive return by others to your contribution. Therefore, it seems to be a tough job to make original content but it should be one of the most economical and effective methods to guide flows. If you're an author of original content, remember that all the other short cuts to violent flow guiding are bullshit. If the content is valuable, it will rank in the top even without SEO. After all, everything that needs SEO is basically useless.

High value original website should also be oriented by user experience. It may be necessary to install many plug-ins, resulting in server pressure. It's important to choose a stable, efficient and fast server with master control in your own hands. It's best to choose an independent server to build a website. Surely, at the beginning, the equipment doesn't need to be very high level. A VPS can do that.

Vultr is recommended here, and now there are $20 bonus for registration and recharge.

I will take this product to talk about how to build WordPress quickly. It's very simple. After registration, you need to open an instance. When you complete the registration, enter the server on the left hand side and click the "+" on the right side.

After entering, first choose the geographical location that needs to be deployed. There are many choices, and I personally think that Losangeles is OK. The general method is to determine the target country first; then select the nearest, and open five at a time to test speed collectively; finally delete the last slow four.

Then select Wordpress under the Application tab in 2, and the rest can be omitted. Just fill in the name and label in 7 to complete the setup.

Server price can be chosen according to preference. The default is $20, and in fact, the $10 one is enough, as an upgrade is available later if needed. After completing the selection, press Deploy Now to complete the deployment, and you will be able to visit it in a few minutes. You can refer to the official documents of Vultr for details.

And then it's the website group. The website group usually refers to hundreds of WordPress websites, through the plug-in for automatic collection and release to keep these sites updated, while using the method of SEO to make these sites rank in the front. However, usually, as the articles are not original or are pseudo-original, they are of poor readability. In most times only black hat SEO can make their ranking higher. Unfortunately, search engine algorithm is constantly updated, so guiding flow is more difficult. Meanwhile, they are also easily blocked by search engines, with higher risk. Anyhow, this kind of method is making use of quantity. Assuming a website can only produce $0.1 a day, if there are 2000 websites, the income will be $200 a day.

Therefore, it is best to use the virtual host with no restrictions on the size of the space, the number of domain names, and the monthly traffic volume. You need a host with softaculous in the cPanel background.

When the registration is finished, landing in the cPanel background and finding the softaculous under the software label. You can see the WordPress in front, and move the mouse finger over it there will be an Install button.

Click on it, and fill in the address and account password to start the install. The installation is fast, taking only about ten seconds.

Next is to make our website look good, which needs a very high end theme. You can take a look at the weekly best selling WP theme on ThemeForest, and buy one that you like.

If you are doing original content, you need to choose a theme that matches your own content. If it is a website group, it is best to choose some Multi-Purpose Theme which is very customizable, and a few options can be changed to create a completely different style of website, so that the websites group will not look the same. Here we recommend a theme of The7 which can be customized casually. The original price is $59, and now the promotion charges only $30.

In the end, talk something about the functional sites. In fact, if you have noticed my screenshots above you may find that Vultr has not only WordPress but also the one click to My World servers, Presta Shop and other programs. And softaculous (the number of scripts in softaculous is also different for different virtual host providers) also has a lot of very practical built-in scripts, which can be installed with one click like WordPress.

In the next article, I want to share with you WordPress's optimization settings and plug-in selection.
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