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Passive Income (3): Make a Website with Lifelong Income - How to get Accurate Traffic Quickly

August 05, 2018 Earning Online Views: 2379

I believe that after reading the article "Passive Income: Make a Website with Lifelong Income (2)" you may have a general idea on how to build a website. Next, we need to create a website that can take the lead in search engines and bring traffic as soon as possible.

I notice that a lot of novice friends who have very basic knowledge on building a website, often quickly buy a domain name, make a website, and then hang up a banner to wait for traffic. In fact, a month later, their websites were only included in the homepage, and except for their clicks, the website still has no visit daily. Even if they manually submit the webpages to search engines, they are still not included, or the inclusion is very few. Actually, this does not mean the website is really bad, but that this website is not so important.

People who have a little bit of experience will start with SEO (search engine optimization) layout at the beginning of buiding the site. Through SEO, you can get a lot of stable precise traffic, and the higher you rank, the more traffic you get.

Many people consider SEO to be mysterious, and talk something you cannot understand to prove their profound knowledge. I prefer to compare complex things to something very simple. For example: one day I ask you, I want to learn magic, and would like you to recommend someone who does magic greatly (I launch a search). You think about it, and then list all the people you know about magic (the search engine returns the result of the search).

However, what I ask is not who will can do magic, but who does better, so you have to put the better in front for me to choose. You actually don't know who does better, so how do you judge? At this time, you heard from a good person who is familiar with you that A does well in magic, and more than one good person familiar with you agree with that (backlink). Then you'll think that A really does better in magic, so you recommend A to me first.

There are many SEO related materials, which are much better than what I talk here, and I am not going to talk about it here. Compared to the very complex things like how to make the outer chain, how to write the key words, I share a very simple method here. As long as you use the trick well, the efficiency will be up more than ten times.

The specific way is to buy some old domain names. In general, the old domain names will leave traces in search engines and Crawlers will also visit them periodically. Especially the domain with a good PR, has high weight, and will be easy to rank a good position in the search engine if it is used to build a new website. Or if you build a new site with a new domain name, as long as you put some links of the new website on the old domain website, the Crawler is easy to include your new website through the links. Pay attention to the old domain name I said here, as it’s not to say something unrelated. If you buy a free gift card domain to link to your dating website, then it is useless.

This old domain name can be bought from others, or you may pick out some expired domain names. Let me mainly talk about buying the overdue domain name.

There is a website, where you can select the expired domain name: This site is very good, and you can set a lot of conditions to screen the domain name. It is even completely free.

First, we register an account (filter will not work without registration), then enter a keyword you want, such as giftcard I enter here, and then set a few screening.

Generally I like to choose the domain name that has been deleted, so I ticked deleted domains. I also like to choose a domain name that can be registered, so I also ticked only available domains, and then sifting the suffix:

I only choose com, net, org here. Be noticed that your choice don't have to be the same as mine. I just show you the operation here. Generally, the more filtering conditions are used, the better the selected domain names may be.

And then apply these options to go ahead

Note that the number of backlink is where I mark in red box, and the larger the number is, the better the domain should be. However, you need to check the backlink by yourself. If you find that the backlink of this domain name is all junks sent by automatic tools from others, then the domain name is also a junk. For example, there is a domain with 10.6 thousand backlinks above; we click on it and select majestic on the pop-up box to view the details:

This summary shows 8824 backlinks, which seems ok. Let's look at the backlinks tab then.

It comes out numerous unknown things... It seems that these domain names completely have no relevance with giftcard. Simply click on one to check further.

It turns out to be a Japanese page. I couldn't understand what was written on it. I could read some of the comments below, but they were all junk comments.

I check a few more pages and found they are all coming from some blog message boards without management. And the domain name of the backlinks has nothing to do with giftcard. This shows that these backlinks are sent in group by automatic tools, which may be a little useful ten years ago, but now it is basically unworkable.

Finding a good expired domain name requires time consuming effort. I am just giving you a demonstration here. If you want to find a good domain, you need to research more.

I'd like to add a few extra points. There are some good businesses in investing in domain names. One is to grab some good domains, and another is that you can do domain name parking. Although parking industry has declined, it does not mean you cannot earn money. If you are interested you may follow it more.
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