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Passive Income (2): Make a Website with Lifelong Income - The Choice of Vertical Field

August 05, 2018 Earning Online Views: 2496

To make a website, first of all, you must have a plan or position: what is your website for? Secondly, with positioning, we need to choose a related domain name: what is the name? Next, you should choose a web space to put your website content: where is the website located? Then there should be the appropriate website program: what should be used to build the website? Finally, you also need to provide content or products: what is written inside?

Making a website is the most basic way to make money online. Choose a field that you like or interested in, or choose a profitable industry. I will not talk too much about the former, as a website designed according to interest must have great sparkle. Choosing a profitable industry is our priority today.

First, let's talk about thinking: how can we be profitable? Is competition fierce? It's very simple. We can look at the data of the search engine. The words that are searched most often have a large amount of traffic. So we need to use the search engine to find something with a higher search frequency and less search results.

The tool used is Google Keyword Planner. Google Keyword Planner needs to be paid in order to view detailed data in campaign, but we're just starting to do this, and there's no need to study it too carefully.

Click on the link in the red box, you can find keywords according to different conditions. I input affiliate marketing to try.

It can be seen that in the past 12 months, the average monthly search volume of affiliate marketing is between 10 - 100 thousand times. At this point, we went to Google to search affiliate marketing, and finally got 14.5 million search results. Let's look at other keywords. Try to search webhosting:

The monthly search volume was also between 10 - 100 thousand times, and the search result was 98.7 million, which was nearly 7 times higher than that of Affiliate marketing. Between two cakes at the same size, one with 10 million competitors, another with nearly 100 million competitors, it's easy to pick out the right one to start, isn't it?

Of course, webhosting and affiliate marketing are just one example I'm going to cite, and you're going to pick an industry with a lot of searches and little competition. My example is just the most basic operation, to tell you a basic operation process. I have chosen the orientation of English speaking countries. If I study keywords in other languages, I may also get different conclusions.

To continue to deepen the research, we can expand on my most basic idea to form a complete set of niche selection processes: for example, choosing a more accurate keyword tool to find out the key words, then selecting several long tail key words and analyzing the price and competition of these long tail key words, and finally testing and screening. Choosing a good niche can bring you at least 10 thousand monthly income.

I hope that my sharing can give you a little inspiration on choosing the industry that is suitable for you as soon as possible.
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