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Passive Income (1): Make a Website with Lifetime Income - Logical Thinking of Passive Income

August 05, 2018 Earning Online Views: 2393

In fact, I really wanted to turn the article into a graphic tutorial at the beginning, so that people can follow my way, and make money. However, there are so many online tutorials like how to do this. After careful consideration, I would like to share more about thinking. People who just focus on the practice but can't think through may have no idea how to get money even if the money is put in front of them. All the knowledge about making money in the Internet age can be found in Google, while I want to share some thinking things and teach newbies how to find them.

I think a very good idea is most important for doing online earning, and the thinking should be clear. Therefore, what I am talking about is basically more ethical, and there are few step-by-step graphic operation tutorials.

So in the next few articles, I plan to write some detailed graphic tutorial articles, hand in hand to teach novice friends how to do the website. Meanwhile, I will intersperse my personal understanding of the website so that everyone can finally turn their own website into a money-making machine that allows you to passively earn income.

Build your own website to guide flows. If you only use paid traffic, you can earn money, but the work is hard. Every day you are doing tracking, tweaking, scaling, and worry about a lot of things. And things are subjected to the traffic platform.

The benefits of organic traffic are obvious, and everyone agrees that conversion rates are higher than paid traffic. As it is completely unconstrained by the traffic platform, your campaign does not need to be reviewed, and you don't have to worry about someone spying your LP page, and there will be no stoppages. If you make it a little better, you can lie and earn.

Generally, there are two main ways to make money on a website. The first one is to make fine content or high-quality products, and the other is to take the mode of flows by doing websites group.

To do content or to make products, in the long-term perspective is better than the websites group. However, the websites group does not have to invest too much time and energy in creative matters. It only requires continuous improvement of operation methods and is reproducible. Although websites group is gradually difficult to do, it still earns some money.

Let's take an example of doing the content. A used to spend an hour doing a website about how to do a US visa in Canada. As A said, he has never managed the website from then on. There are a total of 5 pages in the whole website. I believe that these things can be made in an hour. Then look at how his Google Adsense revenue is:

He earns 300 Canadian dollars a month. If you make ten similar websites according to this idea, you will earn 3,000 Canadian dollars a month. The website is not big and takes little space, so the space cost is basically neglected. The cost is just renewing ten domain names per year, and they even does not need to be managed, but can generate 200,000 dollars, which is basically a very easy earning.

After talking about other people, I also talked about the passive project I am currently doing. Although it is not doing adsense, it is not bad. Now I can get two or three hundred dollars a day, and I fully earn with ease. I just read the order mail every day.

Having talked a lot, I found out that I was still taking about thinking. I did not do a good graphic tutorial, haha. Then let’s start from the next article~

Anyway, I think that we have to sort out the idea first, so that what we will do behind, and what the purpose is, will be very clear. Then it will be easy to operate it yourself and make a difference.
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