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About Hash

A typical application of a hashing algorithm is to generate a message-digest for a piece of information to prevent it from being tampered. For example, under UNIX, a lot of software contains a file with the same name and the .md5 file extension when downloading. There is only one line of text in this file in the general structure is as follows:

MD5 ('hello') = 5d41402abc4b2a76b9719d911017c592

This is the MD5 hash value of the 'hello' string. The hashing algorithm treats the entire file as a large text message and generates this unique message digest through its irreversible string transformation algorithm.

Hash algorithm is widely used in landing authentication of operating systems, such as Unix, various BSD system login passwords, digital signatures, and many other parties. For example, in the UNIX system, the user's password is stored in the file system after the hash operation using MD5 (or other similar algorithm). When the user logs in, the system performs an MD5 Hash operation on the user-entered password, and then compares it with the MD5 value stored in the file system to determine whether the entered password is correct. Through such steps, the system can determine the legitimacy of the system login by the user without knowing the clear code of the user's password. This prevents the user's password from being known to users with system administrator privileges. MD5 maps an arbitrary-length "byte string" to a 128-bit large integer, and it is difficult to reverse the original string through the 128-bit. In other words, even if you see the source program and algorithm description, you cannot transform an MD5 value back to the original string.

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