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NameCheap Permanent Free Privacy Protection and Setting Methods for Most Domain Names

May 31, 2018 NameCheap Views: 602
If you are familiar with the NameCheap domain name registrar, you should be quite clear, the newly registered or transferred domain name, are provided with free domain name privacy protection for the first year. However, if you want to continue to use the domain name privacy protection feature for the second year, you will need to pay $2.88 to continue using it. This may be the reason why someone will transfer to the Namesilo registrar in the next year because they provide permanent privacy protection.

This time the change of NameCheap business at least allows us not to spend money, and supports most domain name suffixes. lt does not support suffixes including, .asia, .ca, .cn, .de, .eu, .ch, .fr, Sg,, .in, .uk,,, .nu, .us, .es,, ,, ,,,, .nyc, .paris, .id, .vote, .voto.

So, if we have a domain name in the Namecheap, we can add privacy protection for free.

First, add privacy protection

Click "BUY NOW"

Second, free payment

After adding the shopping cart, we see that it is free now. In fact, we can click "AUTO RENEW" to automatically renew the subscription.

Third, check protection

Check to see that the protection is turned on.
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