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Introduction to PopAds Registration and Setup

July 08, 2018 PopAds Views: 6822
Popads is a self-service traffic platform that focuses on popunder, as well as popup, surely. It has a minimum recharge of $10, and can target in extreme details, so many novice media buyers love it.

It uses the smart bidding mode, and the actual purchase price is only 10% higher than the second. The website says "We guarantee you that no other popunder ad network will pay better than us!" (This is for the publisher). It indicates from the side that, in fact, the flow of this platform is not very cheap. However, I think popads in all pop traffic platforms, has decent quality.

Of course, if you spend more than $10,000 on popads, you can upgrade to VIP and traffic quality will get better.

The main Popads traffic sources are:

Register for Popads

Create campaign

After the registration is completed, you must first recharge at least $10 on billing at the left bottom.

There are quite a lot of recharge methods, such as credit card, paypal and even bitcoin.

After the recharge is completed, you can create a new campaign. Click New Campaign on the left menu to create a new campaign.

Here, "Display frequency" refers to how often it shows to the same person. The priority position is to show ads to people who have not been advertised in the past hour. The last type of advertisement is popup or popunder. Popup is popped up directly, interrupting the user's normal browsing. Popunder refers to that the new window pops up behind the current page and will not interrupt the user's browsing. Only when he closes the page will he find this pop-up window.

Under the budget tab, smart bid refers to that it brings you the most amount within your bid range. Legacy bid is for you to pick the cheapest amount within your bid range, which has less traffic but saves money.

At least $5 is required for the total budget to build the campaign, and at least $2.5 for each additional budget.

Throttling regulates the flow rate and can be set to control the amount per second or how much per second.

The rest of these tabs are all used for targeting. You can set the type of website, country, crowd, environment, device, networking, and time.

The last website targeting is to set a black and white list, which can whitelist the well converted website ID and blacklist the one with bad conversion.

Slightly talk about this summary. This tab is based on the above settings, to give you an estimate of the traffic you might receive.

It first tells you what others' average bid is for your choice, what the most efficient bid is, how much the top one bid is, how your bit ranks, and how much traffic you are expecting to get.

In the histogram below, the left side shows how much traffic a certain bid interval is expected to have. The right side shows how many campaigns are in a certain bid range.

Popads' Tokens and Postback

So much about Popads. Let's slowly explore it.
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