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How to Choose a Server

June 10, 2018 VPS, Dedicated Server Views: 836

The following asks and questions will give you more insight into the purchase process.

1. When do I switch from shared hosting to VPS or even a standalone server?

If your daily income is enough for vps for one month, consider transitioning to a higher level of hosting. Of course, the suitable one is the best for you.

2. I see that both vps and dedicated servers are divided into managed and unmanaged services. What do they mean?

In managed service the service providers maintain the server for you, update kernal, optimize apache or nginx, optimize mysql and so on. You do not need to know anything about the server. All you need to do is update the website. Many managed service providers will include automatic backup services.

The unmanaged service means that your ISP only gives you a root password. Everything else depends on you, for example, setting up LAMP, and updating the server, etc.

3. I don't understand the server. What should I do?

I suggest that you choose managed service.

4. Is it necessary to use CPANEL?

If you have trouble, you can use Cpanel or other commercial or open source panels.

5. Why for the server with the same configuration, such as the following configuration:

E3-1230 V2, 16GB RAM, 1TB HD, 100MB, some service providers only sell for $100 a month, but in places like gigenet, internap, etc., they sell for more than $200?

This problem is more complicated.

First of all, with the same configuration, the accessories on the cheaper server are older. CPU may still be fine, but on RAM or the HD, the old hardware may be used. The RAM provided may not work very well, and the 1TB HD may be also the older one with low revolution, or even a desktop hard drive. This result in that hard drive will read and write slowly, and it may often fail. Even though the service provider charges free to replace the hardware, during the period of replacement, isn't it your loss?

Second, the most learned is the bandwidth, which is the biggest reason for the price difference. In US and EU, bandwidth is divided into Tier 1, Tier 2, and even Tier 3. Tier 1 has the best traffic, which is regarded as the backbone network of the United States. You can wiki Tier 1, 2, 3.

Last but not least, the support. The after-sale service provided by the service provider with a lower price is not very good. In case that you need to restart the server, they may reply to you in a few hours. If you are buying traffic for cpa, you may have to cry.

6. How can I choose?

If you are not so demanding on the traffic, just choose an affordable, service-oriented service provider, such as,,, etc.

But if your site is a site that you work hard on, or if you want to provide users with a good experience, try to choose a premium service provider.

7. How to choose the location of the server?

If you are going to have an English website and buy traffic to do CPA (American offer and traffic), then you can consider dallas and chicago, because in the middle of the United States, the latency to all North America is better. The dallas service provider, needless to say, the softlayer, is very good.

Dallas is also one of the main bases of internap, but the traffic is too expensive.

For some people who buy traffic for CPA, with the main traffic is North America and Europe, then I strongly recommend the choice of chicago's server, because chicago has better latency toward North America, and then traffic from Europe will basically transit through Chicago, so it also has a good latency for Europe (if you do not want to deploy a European server).

8. AMAZON is very hot recently, how about using their cloud?

Amazon is very good, and its cloud technology can keep your server never offline (unless the entire machine room is down, as was the case previously).

9. I see that many people use linode, so how is the linode?

Linode doesn't have its own machine room. It rents the room of other companies, and manages itself. For example, Linode is using the GNAX room. Their entire management system is indeed very good. Linode's room in the eastern United States is recommended.

10. Is there a service provider similar to linode or even better?

There are certainly some of them, but it is rare to have such a good service with a very low price, like rackspace, amazon, azure, etc.

11. I mainly serve European customers. How to choose?

When it comes to Europe, you cannot bypass leaseweb whose computer room locates in Amsterdam, and it has almost assumed the responsibility of linking the Americas and Europe. The bandwidth that the entire network can accommodate exceeds 1TB+, which is really difficult to achieve for retail-oriented hosting.

12. How do I choose to serve German customers?

German machines are generally cheaper, and the most famous is Most people are reselling their traffic.

13. I want to buy softlayer machines, but they don't provide managed services. I don't understand server configuration. What should I do?

You may consider using a third-party server management company. The most appropriate re-active service is

It can be said to be the cheapest, charging only $ 29 a month. The rest of companies offering pro-active services are basically starting from $100.

I suggest you buy a wiredtree machine, which is cheaper than softlayer, with management included.

14. What about SSD server, VPS?

It is really good, with very speedy reading and writing! It is suitable for the one who has higher requirement on latency. However, SSDs are expensive and easily broken. I recommend using a 1.5w hard drive.

15. Can you recommend the SSD service provider?

Sure, basically all dedicated sever providers offer ssd, but ssd vps is rare.

It is advisable to look for providers who are dedicated to providing SSD servers or vps. The cost will be cheaper. Otherwise, it's too expensive.

Consider wiredtree and luqidweb's SSD services, which are relatively cheap compared to large service providers.

There is also a choice of clouds. The more famous one is the elastic cloud which is a bit high-end. Its room provides either peer1 or equinix. The traffic is too expensive.

The last you can choose Rackspace cloud. Its price is not expensive, but the read and write speed is very fast. some people have tested, it is in 200Mb/s or so.

Amazon's ec2, also has ssd options.
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