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GoDaddy URL Shortener Service Usage Does Not Support External Platform Domains

June 24, 2018 GoDaddy Views: 1169
Due to the need of external marketing, we may use shortened URL service. There used to be many third parties providing such services. However, due to the operation or the use of bad websites, some of them were blocked, and some were shut down because lacking actual profit model. A few years ago it seemed to have been heard that certain third party provided shortened URL services, and then secretly modified the URL jump in the background, so even if we need to use this function, either use a large third-party platform, or build it yourself.

Today, when viewing GoDaddy related products, we saw that they also provided GoDaddy URL Shortener tool. We had previously seen their shortened URLs which should be used to provide CPS services. The CPS has been canceled in the current official platform, but this URL Shortener tool still remains. Take a look at this tool to see if it works.

First, log in URL Shortener


Here we can see the login screen and log in directly if we have a Godaddy account.

Second, add a shortened URL

Here we can directly add short URLs that need to be converted. By default, there are 2 domains that we can choose. You can customize the suffix to shorten the address, and it can also be random.

After adding, we can see the shortened URL; we can also edit, delete and manage it.

Third, add a custom domain name

Here we also see support for custom domain names and API services, which is a bit interesting. See if it supports adding a domain name on your own.

It allows adding a domain name, but the pointing prompts an error, while checking HELP you will be told to add a record pointing.

However, it is not possible to add an external domain name after adding it.

Then check the related articles, and some users mentioned that the domain name must be on the Godaddy platform. It doesn't support adding from other platforms.

If we can add it, we will see our own domain in the domain option when adding a shortened URL.

In summary, the GoDaddy URL Shortener URL service is still available. If there is a need to shorten the URL and you don't one, you can use this platform to shorten it. If you need to customize the domain name, your own domain must be on Godaddy platform in order to be added.
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