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GoDaddy URL Shortener Service Usage Does Not Support External Platform Domains
Due to the need of external marketing, we may use shortened URL service. There used to be many third parties providing such services. However, due to the operation or the use of bad websites, some of them were blocked, and some were shut down because lacking actual profit model. A few years ago it s … View >>>
June 24, 2018 | Categorys: GoDaddy | Views: 1113
The process of quickly transferring Dynadot domains to Namecheap domain registrar
Namecheap registrar is holding the "Move Your Domain Day" activity. If you have domain names to be renewed by other domain name registrars, you can save money by transferring to Namecheap with one year's renewal. The regular domain name suffix costs only US$3.98. In this article, the process of tran … View >>>
June 05, 2018 | Categorys: NameCheap | Views: 917
NameCheap Permanent Free Privacy Protection and Setting Methods for Most Domain Names
If you are familiar with the NameCheap domain name registrar, you should be quite clear, the newly registered or transferred domain name, are provided with free domain name privacy protection for the first year. However, if you want to continue to use the domain name privacy protection feature for t … View >>>
May 31, 2018 | Categorys: NameCheap | Views: 673
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