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Configuration re-upgrade and direct hard disk upgrade for Linode

June 05, 2018 VPS, Linode Views: 795
We should have received news from Linode last week, mentioning that they have upgraded their configuration again and their hard drives have increased by a certain margin. It is more obvious that the original program is: 2G memory with 30GB hard drive, and it has been upgraded to 50GB hard drive now; the original basic program (1G memory), increase 5GB hard disk after the upgrade.

The following is the official page information after upgrading

It is indeed useful for users who need to store large amounts of data, as someone mentioned that the hard disk was not enough before. However, for ordinary website users, it is estimated that 5GB cannot be used up, so we can also consider not to upgrade. When we log in to the Linode background, we can see the prompt to upgrade. If we need to upgrade click on automatic upgrade.

Although Linode doesn't have optimized line speeds, the common fremont can still be used. If we need to upgrade, we can refer to the following method which was recommended before. Moreover, here we can just take a look at the latest process approach.

First, prepare to upgrade

concerned about the problem, we suggest that you back up the site data first before operate. Here we see the upgrade prompt and click "Click here for more information!"

Second, look at the hard disk before and after upgrade

In the new page, click "Enter the Upgrade Queue NOW" button to upgrade

There will be 2 choices here. The first one is no choice and it will be arranged automatically; the second is to upgrade immediately. Then it will be automatically upgraded.

Third, check progress

Here we can see the progress. Do nothing, and just wait on it. You need to wait for the time based on the size of the hard disk data. After the completion, of the, it will restart automatically.

Finally, check if the server network is normal after finishing. If it is normal, then it's okay. If it is not normal, we can restore the data that we backed up at the beginning.
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